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east bay. our nbc chopper reveals the aftermath of a gas station fire that forced people to run for cover. the chain of events unfolded around 5:30 tonight, at a gas station of martinez, at the intersection of alhambra avenue, and virginia drive. george kiriyama has the latest. >> reporter: that's right. this gas station will be closed for a while. they need to make the necessary repairs. you can take a look behind me. and you can see what's left of one of the pumps here in martinez. this place was a big mess just hours ago. and we do have some dramatic cell phone video, taken right at the moment the drive cashed his ford hybrid suv into gas pump number five. we highlighted the car. you can see it backing up and crashes. the fire immediately erupted, destroying the suv and the car at the next pump. firefighters got to the gas station in five minutes and
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quickly put out the fire with foam. the flames were shooting about 30 feet in the air. that's as tall as a three-story building. luckily, no one was hurt. everybody inside the car escaped. and everyone got to safety quickly. all because of one quick-thinking gas station manager. >> there was a lady in front of him, pumping her gas when everything happened. as soon as i saw the smoke, i ran out and hit the emergency shutoff switch and started screaming, everybody get the hell out of here. luckily, they listened. and everybody took off and ran. >> i was very lucky. when i left ten seconds before this happened, there were six people inside the gas station waiting to pay. so, it's amazing that no one was killed. amazing. >> reporter: firefighters say had it not been for the station manager to turn off the fuel, the situation would have been a lot worse and they wouldn't have been able to handle it. so far, there's no cause behind
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the crash. but the driver is now in custody. as for tomorrow morning, if you're planning to get gas here, don't come by. this place will be closed down for the repairs. live in martinez tonight. >> thankfully no one was injured. thank you, george. a serial groper is stalking women in one of the bay area's nicest neighborhoods. police worry his behavior is getting more dangerous. these are the signs on a popular trail in palo alto. this morning, a 20-year-old woman was running on palo alto avenue, when a man ran up from behind, grabbed her chest and attempted to pull her down. these are sketches released after two other assaults. investigators believe it's the same person behind all three attacks. the man is described as middle eastern or hispanic and about 5'9". >> it's the highest priority for us to apprehend this guy and get
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him behind bars. we're worried his behavior is getting increasingly dangerous. >> the lieutenant is reminding people not to jog with headphones or buds in both ears because you lose awareness. new tonight at 11:00, one of the actresses that starred in the controversial anti-islamic film is suing the film's producer and youtube. she filed a lawsuit in court today for fraud, slander and emotional distress. she wants youtube to remove the video immediately. garcia says the filmmaker lied to her about the movie, saying it was a historical arabian desert adventure film. the movie, that mocks the prophet muhammad, has sparked violent anti-american protests around the world. slumping poll numbers and self-inflicted wounds. it's been a difficult week for mitt romney. now, romney is heading to the
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bay area. he will be in hillsboro this friday at the strawberry hill estate. tickets are pricey. the guest list includes meg whitney, scott mcnealy and former secretary of state, george schultz. not just a presidential race. there's a local race getting a lot of attention. this candidate for mayor doesn't have much experience. but he might have fresh ideas. he's only 18 years old. cheryl hurd joins us in fremont. it's a sizable city. is he serious, cheryl? >> reporter: he is very serious. just two years ago, he used to be student here at washington high school. but again, he is very serious. he travels almost every weekend from his school in los angeles, to fremont, just to campaign. he really wants to be mayor.
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>> thank you for being here this evening. >> reporter: he's poised. and his political knowledge goes well beyond the last 18 years of his wife. and he wants to be the next mayor of fremont. >> even though i'm young, i have everything that it takes to make sure that we can solve the problems here in fremont. >> reporter: fremont is akbarry's hometown. he graduated from washington high school two years ago. right now, he's majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in computer science at usc. if he wins, he would be the city's first mayor of south-asian descent and obviously, its youngest. >> i think the main thing to focus on is what i have to offer. >> and there are concerned about what akbari can offer the fourth-largest city in the bay area. if you want to dwell on his age, he says it's just a number. >> i worked on pete stark's campaign four years ago when he was running.
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>> you were 14. >> right. but i've been involved in local politics since i was 8 or 9 years old. >> reporter: that's not enough experience for one of his opponents. >> there's questions about his ability to handle job creation when he hasn't handled a job. to balance the budget. >> everyone on the ballot has a good chance. i take all my competitors seriously. we're running a strong campaign. i want to win. if he doesn't win, i hope he stays involved and connected. >> reporter: akbari says he's serious about winning. >> these are my four points. this is what i've done before. and this is what i'm doing right now, and this is what i will do as mayor. >> reporter: just in case you're wondering, teenagers have run for mayor all around the country. in fact, they've run and won in states like pennsylvania, michigan and iowa. reporting live in fremont, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, cheryl. starting today, california voters will be able to register
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online under the new system. the whole process is electronic, with the voters' electronic signature checked against dmv records. so, applicants must have a driver's license or state i.d. card. the deadline to register is october 22nd. state records show that more than 6 million californians could register to vote but have not done so. she was violently attacked while taking a nap inside her home. now, fremont police are trying to track down the four men they say are responsible. police released these sketches of two of the suspects, described as hispanic. three of the men are believed to be in their late 30s, early 40s. the youngest suspect, a man in his 20s, may have had silver braces on his teeth. the victim, a 49-year-old woman who did not want to be shown on camera, says he was taking a mid-morning nap when she woke up to four men standing around her. one of them had a gun. the attack happened back on
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september 8th. she says the men beat her before taking off with her cell phone and some jewelry. it ended on a high note. the cello theft is no longer. the $10,000 cello is back in the hands of its rightful owner tonight. >> i'm more shocked than i am when it was stolen. i didn't believe it would come back this fast. >> reporter: happy young man. young says the instrument was taken from an unlocked storage locker at the conservative on sunday. here's the security cameras. they capture footage of a man and a woman believed to be responsible for the theft. a security man found the cello leaning against the stage door late last night after our television coverage. as of now, no arrests have been made. the man accused of killing 15-year-old sierra lamar is due back in court next week. today, details were uncovered
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about antolin's family. his father is accused of 18 sex crimes against two female relatives. police say he first fondled one victim when she was 4 years old. garcia-torres is accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. but her body has not been found. a retired south bay superintendent wants taxpayers to pay for his condo. the former school chief came here in 2008. he says one of the incentives to come to the bay area, was a low-interest loan offered by the school board. he bought a luxury condo in downtown san jose. since retiring, he moved out of the bay area. the loan is now due. and he says he cannot pay for it because the property has lost one-third of its value. he wants the board to take ownership of the property, either by selling it or leasing
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it. the officer who pepper sprayed a group of students last november on the u.c. campus will not face charges. there's insufficient evidence to prove that the pepper spray was unlawful. the campus police chief also resigned in the aftermath of this controversial video. u.c. davis officials had no official comment on today's report. still ahead at 11:00, it's something americans eat daily. today, a warning to scale back on eating rice. a chick-fil-a change-up. the fast food restaurant's new stance after landing in the middle of a gay marriage controversy. and a farewell flyover. it could lead to traffic trouble. tonight, local nasa engineers are speaking out about the historical fly-by and reveal what they're working on next. good evening. in the nbc bay area weather
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center. we're tracking our forecast closely. right now, cold air and numbers close to the 40s in the north bay. if you're planning a view of the "endeavour" over the golden gate bridge, the fog may inhibit that. we'll tell you where the viewing may be better. [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work, errands, a greasy bag of deep-fried easy. ♪ fortunately with hamburger helper's 40 varieties a home-cooked meal is never out of reach. hamburger helper. help is on the way.
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progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. tonight, a consumer alert for all of us that eat rice or rice products. everything from cereal to crackers to baby food. new studies out today showing that rice contains arsenic, a chemical linked to cancer. >> rice is a staple. but now, "consumer reports" with a new alert.
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finding elevated levels of arsenic in rice. testing more than 200 samples of the most popular brands. >> this isn't a matter of trace amounts. these are moderate to moderately high levels of arsenic. >> reporter: the fda did its own testing, too, and announced similar results today. arsenic is a level one carcinogen, that, overtime, can cause lung, skin and bladder cancer. still, the rice industry and the food companies say rice is safe. >> we've not seen any established health concerns that can be pointed to, as a result of people eating rice. >> reporter: arsenic has been linked to cancer. there's no specific study that says arsenic in food will lead to this cancer. but is that something you want to wait for as a parent? >> they can only go with what they know. and what we do know is rice is a nutrition and healthy food. >> reporter: just last year, "consumer reports" found
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elevated levels of arsenic in apple and grape juice. while the federal government regulates arsenic in drinking water, there's no standards for juice, rice or any other food. what's your message to the fda? >> our message to the fda is it's time to start setting a standard for arsenic in food. >> reporter: but the fda isn't ready to do it. matt lauer spoke with the commissioner on "today." >> why not set limits right now? >> rice is a varied diet. i'm a mom. and i recommend to my kids moderation in what they eat. >> reporter: and "consumer reports" has similar advice. eat rice in moderation. when you do, rinse it thoroughly, to wash off some of the arsenic. if you're a parent, feeding a baby rice cereal, limit it to once a week. pollution never smelled so
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good. commercial char broilers, the ones most likely used at your favorite burger joint, emit twice the amount of pollution as diesel trucks. to put that into perspective. an 18-wheeler would have to drive 143 miles on the freeway to put out the same mass of particles. commercial cooking is the second-largest source of particulate air matter behind paved road dust. a change-up at chick-fil-a. the restaurant will no longer fund groups that oppose gay marriage. the ceo stirred up controversy when he supports biblical union of the family unit. the foundation, which is funded almost entirely by chick-fil-a's owners, gave over $3 million to groups that advocate against same-sex marriage. now, the group will not support organizations with political
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agendas. the space shuttle "endeavour" will fly over the bay area on friday morning. >> first, the golden gate bridge, then, moffett field. it's a good-bye to all those who made the shuttle program a success. jean elle is in mountain view with more on what to expect. jean? >> reporter: employees here say seeing the shuttle pass over san francisco will be a sight to see. but the main event is at moffett field where the flyover is expected to be slow and low. >> and wheels up. >> reporter: space shuttle "endeavour" spent 299 days in space. its final mission is much closer to earth. it's heading to los angeles to retire on the back of a 747, with a scheduled flyover the bay area friday. >> the space shuttle has never been to northern california before. >> reporter: donald james says it's a once in a lifetime event. and an emotional good-bye. scientists here trained shuttle astronauts, developed the shuttle's design and created the
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heat shield. >> we feel that we really were the birthplace, the cradle for where the space shuttle really grew up and developed. we're proud that it's going to come back here to pay tribute to that work at ames. >> reporter: workers are expecting lots of company. as many as 10,000 people are expected to gather at moffett field for a fly-by as low as 1,500 feet around 9:00 a.m. >> you'll be able to clearly see the 747 carrier and the space shuttle on top of it. and you'll be able to see the two f-16s that will be flying in support next to it. >> it's a sight many hope to see. >> it would be cool to see one of the space shuttles right near us. >> it was an amazing program. it really advanced us into space. i think it would be great if everyone could see it and thank it for years of service. >> reporter: "endeavour" will soon be a museum piece. but the technology that made it
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success is driving new missions. >> we're building a rocket that's bigger than apollo that's going to take astronauts further than the space shuttle ever did. >> reporter: a lot of people are excited about this event. 3,000 parking permits have been given away. organizers of this event are urging people to take light rail. traffic in mountain view is expected to be a mess friday morning. and law enforcement has a request. if you're driving and is you see the shuttle passing overhead, do not stop to take a look. >> that's going to be hard. it's like our own air show. >> amazing. and the f-16s flying alongside. let's bring in jeff now. you've seen a few space shuttles, right? >> i grew up on the space coast. and saw many of them lift off. and my favorite was a night launch. we're going to have more coming up on the forecast. it may be better for you. right now, talking about the cold we've had. cold mornings the cost couple of
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days. likely 40s in santa rosa. they may be rivalling record lows. you can see the low cloud cover overhead. we haven't been fogged in the alt this hour, but there is plenty of low cloud cover moving across the bay. that's the biggest threat we're going to face on friday, once the "endeavour" starts to get close. what we have happening next and bringing us is cooler-than-average summer air, as this trough of low pressure sitting out in the pacific. it is unusually slow. it's been here about three days. it's finally going to start to get moving over the next 48 hours. for us, doesn't mean a big chance of rain falling. about 20% to 30% possibility of that on this coming weekend. it's going to keep cool and crisp air across most of northern california. also, the fog is not going to go anywhere, as we head into the morning hours. that will bring 50s and 60s to the coastline. widespread 70s from the bay to our interior valleys.
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even though temperatures will warm up in the next couple of days, as we head throughout friday into the weekend, we'll have another round of cooler air coming our way. forecast on thursday morning, it will be wild in the north bay. more extensive low cloud cover for all of marin, napa and sonoma counties. and for the peninsula, stretching down to palo alto and low clouds for the east bay. by the noon hour, by 1:00 p.m., it will push back. but one of those days when the cloud cover will hang on to the coastline. not clear skies to start tomorrow morning. we'll have cold weather in the north bay, with upper 30s and low to mid 40s. and we'll find low 50s down in the south bay. as far as thursday goes, it will be 77 in san jose. 76 in milpitas. 75 in palo alto. a round of mid to upper 70s in the east bay. 78 in pleasanton. and 80 in livermore. that will be one of the warmest. for san francisco, 68 and 8 0 in
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santa rosa. as far as the "endeavour" forecast goes on friday, we think at moffett field throughout the 9:00 hour will be crucial. we'll get the clouds breaking. will it be a clear forecast? not at all. when it comes to nasa, there's a little caveat in the press releases. they can change things due to the weather. would they push this back an hour so people would be able to view it? it could be a possibility? i don't work for nasa. but the 9:00 hour looks like a lot of cloud cover. we'll have to wait and see. >> thousands of people are already authorized to go there. >> yeah. it's going to be a real tough call. >> if you know the history of space launches, there's always some delays sometimes. so, hopefully they would do that for us. but you know, it is nasa. >> they're going to do what they can. just ahead, a not-so-fun time at knots berry farm for thrill seekers stuck.
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dangling 300 feet in the air
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for hours. tonight, 20 people are safe and back on the ground after being stranded on the wind seeker ride this afternoon at knott's berry farm. it took mechanics three hours to fix it. this is the second time this ride has broken down in less than two weeks. >> maybe they get a free season pass out of it. a dicey night for the a's. as for the giants, their magic number is dwindling. i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy...
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but not just cheese - mac and cheese. then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's.
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welcome back. the giants are counting down their magic number. similar how the kids count town to christmas. it's not happening fast enough. with the l.a. dodgers splitting their doubleheader, san francisco could trim the magic number to five. let's go to at&t park for the action. look at these fans. they will name their baby after the next player who hits a home run. get ready to name that baby
11:27 pm
panda because pablo sandoval responds. three-run shot to right field. 3-0 g-men. fifth inning. matt cain in a jam. bases loaded for carlos gonzalez. grounds out to second. inning over. bottom of the sixth now. two on for gregor blanco. base hit to right. hunter pence and brandon bell score. blanco caught in the rundown. didn't matter. 6-1, giants. these giants fans get married. how cute. san francisco wins 7-1. >> it's been a while since we had a starter go eight innings. we needed it. we had guys on the back end of the bullpen that needed a break. he did that for them. great job. great effort. we'll get some runs for them. but much-needed effort. we had some guys that were not going to pitch today. so, it was good to have a game like this, to give them a break. and also you know, to have matty
11:28 pm
throw the ball like he did tonight. over to the a's and tigers. we begin in the bottom of the third. runners on second and third. omar infante doubles to left. that will bring in dirk and laird. it's 2-0, detroit later on. bases loaded. one out. brett anderson slips on his followthrough. he had to leave the game. bottom of the seventh. 4-0, tigers. miguel cabrera's at it again. 5-0, tigers. a's lose. tomorrow, they will try to avoid the sweep. that will do it for now. much more coming up tomorrow. >> thanks so much. >> thanks, henry.
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they have it all at google. free food and free transportation. but now, google employees get to
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rub shoulders with movie stars. owen wilson and vince vaughn are filming a movie on the peninsula. they were on the ellen show at google. >> google, that's a cool place to work. there's a pool there? >> there's not just a pool. there's literally -- there's a volleyball court. >> yep. >> every place you turn, there's another great restaurant to have free food. there's little places to get massages. >> a nap pod. and they play that quidditch game from harry potter. they don't fly. but they run around with the brooms between their legs. >> i'm thinking about quitting acting and going to work. >> oh. >> they should. that's classic. it's called "the internship." they've been around the bay area. >> they made a surprise visit to
11:32 pm
the locker room. now, in mountain view. they're having fun at google. >> it's rare to see stars get jealous of something else. that's going to do it for us. jay leno's next. >> good night. ♪
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yoplait, it is so good! >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- amy poehler. from msnbc's "morning joe," joe scarborough. the music of big & rich.

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